The NFL alienated fans by backing players kneeling for the national anthem and worshipping at the altar of Black Lives Matter.

No one turned on the TV at 1PM on Sundays for a woke political lecture.

And now NFL fans got some surprising news about the league’s support for political protests.

After George Floyd’s death in 2020, the NFL pledged to spend $250 million dollars on so-called “social justice” causes.

The league played the black national anthem before week one games.

Players were allowed to wear the names of individuals killed by police on their helmets.

None of this was good enough for a collection of agents still complaining that the NFL isn’t doing enough to fight so-called “systemic racism.”

“Nothing [has changed]. It’s all bulls—. The NFL does not care. They just want everyone to believe they care. Same with player health. The same people are hiring the same people who will hire the same people,” one agent told The Athletic.

Another complained that the league paying a $250 million-dollar shakedown fee wasn’t enough.

“I think the NFL operates in a vacuum. Deal with the problem, spend money, move on. People forget,” another agent added.

A third agent complained that the league made a show about supporting national anthem kneelers but did not do enough to facilitate anti-police reforms in the community.

“I’m hoping it becomes less about protests and more about actions. What can players do on the education side and community side? Players get engaged, talk to law enforcement and help more (and) became aware who wants to get involved beyond #protest,” another agent told The Athletic.

Fans would love to see an end to the league making a spectacle of supporting political on-field protests.

Before the opening game last year, the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans held a moment to honor Black Lives Matter.

The nearly 20,000 fans in attendance booed because they expected to watch a football game, not a political protest.

Fans don’t want the NFL to turn into a Democrat Party Super PAC by investing heavily in political causes.

The NBA’s disastrously low ratings for the last two finals should serve as a warning on that front.

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