Just like that, the 2021/2022 NFL season has come to a close.

The Los Angeles Rams have taken the title of World Champions after a hard-fought game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

But NFL players across the league are roasting this defeated corner for his pathetic play on Sunday.

This past Super Bowl was one for the books, there is no denying that.

The Rams were able to respond to a strong showing from the Bengals with a game winning drive resulting in a Cooper Kupp touchdown.

Cooper Kupp went on to win the Super Bowl MVP after recording an impressive eight receptions for 92 yards with two touchdowns.

And who was guarding Cooper Kupp for most of the game?

None other than the Bengals leading cornerback Eli Apple, who obviously did not play very well at all on Super Bowl Sunday.

In fact, Apple had one of the worst games he has played all season.

Granted, Cooper Kupp is arguably the best receiver in the league, but those are the type of matchups you have to win if you hope to become a world champion.

And unsurprisingly, NFL fans and players are letting Eli Apple have it.

One such NFL player is none other than Mecole Hardman, wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs.

For Hardman, this Bengals loss is just what he wanted to see after being embarrassed by the Bengals and Eli Apple just a couple weeks ago.

And predictably, Hardman was one of the first people to take to Twitter to roast the defeated CB.


But Hardman was not the only player who roasted Eli Apple.

Other players who jumped on the bandwagon include former teammate Landon Collins (who called him a “cancer” years ago), wide receiver Michael Thomas, and more.

These players can taunt and gloat all they want, but the truth is they had to watch the Super Bowl from their living rooms.

Yes, Eli Apple gave up the game winning touchdown, but for players who did not make the Super Bowl (or the playoffs in some cases) to be ripping on him?

Now, that is pretty lame.

Although the Bengals lost a heartbreaker Sunday night, there is no doubt the future is bright for them.

As far as all of the Twitter noise and trash talk is concerned, Eli Apple would be best off ignoring it and letting his play do the talking next year.

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