The woke mob loves to rail on the judicial system for being unjust.

But in all reality, the most unjust system in our society is the NFL.

And NFL players were livid after they saw the NFL’s punishment of Deshaun Watson.

All we heard about for a whole summer is about unjust police brutality.

Mix in some hatred for our judicial system and white people and you got a summer full of cities turned into bonfires and killing fields.

And in a show of support and solidarity with the summer rioters, sports leagues like the NFL took the opportunity to push BLM’s narrative with useless stickers and TV air commercial slots.

Well, come to find out, the system the nation should have been protesting against this whole time was the NFL.

It’s undeniable that the NFL is the most unjust and biased system in our nation.

Just look at what the NFL just did.

Deshaun Watson has been sued by over two dozen women for sexual assault.

And some of the women brought their receipts of him swooping into their DMs looking for a massage.

The evidence didn’t look good for Watson.

So what did the NFL decide to do with the disgraced NFL quarterback?

A six game suspension.

Just six games . . .

Calvin Ridley literally got suspended for a full season for placing a few legal bets on NFL games he wasn’t even playing in.

Not to mention all of the players who got suspended from the NFL for smoking some blunts.

The NFL has shown that it is nothing more than a joke with these random and unjust rulings.

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