Rivalries bring out the best in sports with emotions running high.

And sometimes players get a little too carried away against their rivals and later question the choices they made on the field.

But no one has ever seen the amount of disrespect one USFL defender had for another player after he did this live on the field.

What would sports be without a good old rivalry?

Nothing beats the competitiveness they bring out.

Rivalries can make the biggest underdog a winner with the amount of emotions that fly around during the game.

And sometimes those emotions boil over into something ugly between players on the field.

But of all of the on the field shenanigans between rivals, this has to be one of the most disrespectful things you have ever seen.

The USFL might be a very new league, but they already have rivalries brewing and emotions spilling on the field because of it.

And this past Saturday, in a newly minted rivalry game between the Tampa Bay Bandits and the New Orleans Breakers, players were going at it hard.

And during one play, Tampa Bay Safety Antonio Reed disrespected a Breakers player so badly that the poor guy might report the incident to the police.

During the viral play, Reed threw the Breakers player to the ground, stepped over him, and then proceeded to bounce the downed player’s head into the ground with his butt.

Now that’s dirty, but so fun to watch.

One can only imagine that Reed crop dusted the defenseless player while he sat on his head.

The USFL is definitely a wild league and plays like that will keep the spring league around for a long-time to come.

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