The next couple of years will determine the fate of college football.

Will massive power conferences form weeding out the smaller schools, or will smaller schools and conferences survive?

Well, it seems Notre Dame is determined to blow up college football with this deal.

Many could sense the tide turning in college football over the past decade.

The days of college football nostalgia are over.

Teams like the old Miami Hurricanes with their hard nosed and sporadic play and lifestyle are no more.

These days, to be a top-tier team you need a football team that is built more like a company than a team.

Now you need money and capital like never before.

And now that players are allowed to make money off of playing college football, everything in college football is starting to unravel.

Massive and historic college football programs are heading to mega conferences to protect their success.

The more money and exposure a team has in its conference, the better recruiting classes and more wins they’re likely to have.

So that’s why Oklahoma and Texas decided to join the SEC.

And now the Big Ten is set to become the Big 20+ with the addition of historic USC and UCLA.

But people are still hoping that the chaos will stop with Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is one of the biggest programs in the nation and if they stay independent or just don’t join the Big 10 or the SEC, this madness could be calmed down.

But Notre Dame decided to say “screw college football” and is now demanding $75,000,000 a year from their TV sponsor NBC to stay independent.

To put it into perspective, Notre Dame only gets $15,000,000 a year from NBC, which was a massive deal at the time.

The media rights to Notre Dame end in 2025 so it’s all up to NBC to save college football and decide if they can afford Notre Dame for another five years.

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