Ever since Colin Kaepernick began kneeling for the national anthem race and politics dominated discussions surrounding the NFL.

Most fans got fed up very quickly.

And now one big name ESPN host made a surprising confession about race and the NFL.

On a recent episode of ESPN’s First Take, host Stephen A. Smith discussed Carolina Panthers fifth-year running back Christian McCaffrey.

McCaffrey is one of the top running backs in pro football – he led the NFL in yards from scrimmage in 2019 with 2,392 and also led the league with 19 combined rushing and receiving touchdowns.

Smith explained that McCaffrey never got his due from the media because he is a white running back, calling what McCaffrey’s experiences in the media “damn near reverse discrimination.”

“I’ve said this about Christian McCaffrey before, and I’m gonna say it again. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s damn near reverse discrimination! If this brother were black, we’d be talking about him more. I mean, this dude is special,” Smith exclaimed.

Running back is a position where there just aren’t very many white players.

Cornerback is another one.

The sports media – which is eternally focused on race and only views players through the prism of their skin color – sees McCaffrey as a white running back.

It should not come as a surprise that McCaffrey put together a standout pro career.

McCaffrey was the eight overall pick out of Stanford in the 2017 NFL draft.

At Stanford, McCaffrey rushed for 3,922 yards in three years, averaged 6.2 yards per carry and scored 31 touchdowns.

The only people who ignored McCaffrey’s obvious talents are the sports media that cannot see past skin color.

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