Buffalo Bills fans are known for being the craziest fans in the NFL.

But no matter how rowdy they got, the Bills ended up losing this past weekend.

And one Buffalo Bills fan took two L’s this past weekend after she nearly broke her neck.

One of the most iconic things left in the NFL are the Buffalo Bills’ fan base.

When the Buffalo Bills get a W, they go absolutely insane.

No table is safe.

And no urgent care unit around Buffalo is empty.

But have you ever wondered what Bills fans do if they lose a game?

Well, it turns out they just keep on smashing tables.

But one poor woman learned the hard way that L’s usually come in pairs.

After a good start of 6-3, the Bills were whooped on the field by the Colts in a 41-15 loss.

And without missing a beat, Bills fans cooped with their sorrow by busting through some tables.

Well, one woman wanted to be thrown off of a jeep to smash a table only to end up smashing her butt bone.

Just watch:

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