Black Lives Matter movement has spread further than anyone could have imagined.

The group’s Marxist views are slowly seeping into the culture at large.

But one championship football coach is standing up and just told the truth about Black Lives Matter.

Clemson Tigers football coach Dabo Swinney has risen to the top of the profession with four national championship game appearances in the last five years, and two victories in those games.

Since his program has been put under the spotlight, people in the “woke” sports world were eager to see how he would handle the leftward political tilt in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Clemson chose to allow players to wear messages on their jerseys if they wished.

Many players wore words such as “peace,” “love,” “justice,” and “together” where their last names would normally go.

But one phrase that won’t appear on the back of jerseys is black lives matter.

Coach Swinney said:

“Black lives more than matter . . . I’m on board with a lot of the messages, but I’m not on board with political organizations . . . That’s a different question. I’m apolitical. To me, that’s divisive. I’ve voted Democrat, Republican, independent, I’ve written in people when I didn’t like anyone running. I’m apolitical when it comes to organizations. I don’t support organizations. I support common-sense causes.”

He’s right about Black Lives Matter being a political organization.

They’ve received countless millions of dollars in funding, and nobody seems to know where all of the money is going, and nobody in the so-called “mainstream” media is asking the question.

Black Lives Matter also scrubbed their website of their radical “what we believe” page, which included talk of disrupting the nuclear family, a long-held goal of the Marxist Left.

Hard leftists believe that family structures undermine the authority of the state, so they’re perfectly fine with families being weakened.
Unfortunately, people have been unable to distinguish between the idea that black lives matter and Black Lives Matter, the organization.

One is a slogan with which everyone agrees, and the other is a political organization with a stridently left-wing agenda.

The co-founders of the group openly identify as “trained Marxists,” so kudos to Swinney for keeping his team away from the radical organization.

They have nefarious goals that are being funded by many good-hearted people who have been duped.

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