Colin Kaepernick made news by claiming he trains every day at 5AM for a potential NFL comeback.

But is that in the cards?

Well, one coach’s emails revealed a surprising truth about Colin Kaepernick’s future.

When Colin Kaepernick began his anti-American national anthem protest in 2016, Americans were outraged.

Many inside the NFL were furious, too.

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden emailed Washington Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen in 2016 and insisted that the San Francisco 49ers cut Kaepernick noting teams cut players for far less.

“They suspend people for taking amino acids they should cut this f**k,” Gruden wrote.

Allen responded that he made his opposition to Kaepernick insulting dead veterans and expressing his hatred for America known inside the NFL.

“I’ve expressed my OUTRAGE,” Allen wrote back.

These emails were leaked as part of a NFL investigation into the workplace culture of the Redskins.

Former Barack Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch led the investigation for the league and Gruden’s emails were the only ones that leaked to the press out of 650,000 collected during the course of this probe.

Gruden resigned as the NFL made it clear it would continue to feed Gruden’s emails to the press until he stepped down as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

“I love the Raiders and do not want to be a distraction,” Gruden’s resignation statement read. “Thank you to all the players, coaches, staff, and fans of Raider Nation. I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone.”

The NFL leaked Gruden’s emails in a coordinated hit to take down a coach who criticized commissioner Roger Goodell, opposed the league’s embrace of left-wing politics, and mocked Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

This campaign against Gruden bore all the hallmarks of a smear campaign to take down Gruden because he is a Catholic conservative.

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