So far, 2021 is showing us that the craziness we saw in the sports world last year is here to stay.

From banning fans to enforcing 6 feet bench seating, coronavirus rules can’t seem to get much worse.

But now one College Basketball program went completely insane by enforcing mask wearing during games.

Even though 2020 didn’t end with an asteroid colliding with earth or a zombie apocalypse, many wish it would have.

2021 is filled with the same madness we saw in last year.

No fans, dumb rules, and non-stop virtue signaling is plaguing the sports.

And as college basketball hits full stride with games on nearly every night the idiotic rules continue to grow.

For one the seats on the bench are spaced out 6 feet apart.

That is sure to stop coronavirus as the players sweat all over each other on the court.

But the rules are now getting insane.

Boston University is now forcing their players to wear masks during games.

And at home games both teams are forced to wear masks.

It’s only a matter of time before this is a mandated rule in the NCAA.

Because everyone knows just how well the masks are working now to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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