We have seen countless fights in sports over the past year.

But of all the fights you have never seen such a deadly weapon is this Philadelphia Eagles fan.

And one Eagles fan just about took out all of Soldiers Field in the worst way possible during a fight.

If 2022 should be known for one thing in sports, it should be known for fighting in the stands.

Maybe it’s just because everyone has a camera now or that people are finally getting out of COVID but something has changed.

It never fails as every game now fans are slugging it out in the stands.

It’s really amazing that no one has died as a result of these fights as some of them have turned vicious.

Guess that’s what you get when you mix high emotions, idiots in the stands, and endless amounts of overpriced alcohol.

But of all the fights we’ve seen this year, none come even close to the amount of carnage this one could have caused.

We all know that Eagles fans are a little crazier than other fan bases.

Well, one Eagles fan almost destroyed not only all of the Chicago fans this weekend but also Soldiers Field.

And the craziest thing is he almost ended countless lives without even throwing a punch.

During the Eagles versus Chicago game, a Bears and an Eagles fan started to get into a shoving match on the stairs.

The Eagles fan looks like he has his own gravitational pull as he sits around 400 pounds easily.

As the fight heated up, the massive Eagles fan tripped and the laws of physics took over.

The guy turned into a human wrecking ball going down the stairs.

Just watch the stunning video for yourself.

Can you imagine what would have happened if a fan was hit by this mass of a man while going down the steps?

Thank God his face caught the steps and kept him from going any further.

That fall could have resulted in a mass casualty event.

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