ESPN’s gone off the deep end with race and politics the last several years.

Broadcasters and hosts just can’t stick to sports.

And one ESPN broadcaster just played the race card in the dumbest way possible.

ESPN’s Rod Gilmore had the most insane – and dumbest reaction – to cameras picking up Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal tearing into wide receiver Kris Hutson after Hutson picked up a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for spinning the ball like a top after a reception during the Ducks’ 41-19 win over the University of Arizona.

Gilmore claimed it was racist for a coach that Gilmore falsely claimed was white to yell at a black player.

First of all, Cristobal is Cuban and Hispanic.

Secondly, Hutson did not react poorly at all to the scolding.

Coaches oftentimes overreact on purpose to small and ridiculous mistakes in games where they know their team is vastly superior to make sure players never let up and treat the game like they would a matchup with a top ranked team and avoid sloppy errors that could turn into bad habits.

Mario Cristobal was only guilty of being a coach.

Gilmore’s insane comment that coaching a game is now racist was a perfect example of why so many sports fans are fed up with ESPN.

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