Football coaches post-game press conferences are usually dull affairs.

Coaches tend to offer up bland “coachspeak” to explain away victory or defeat.

But one football coach’s hilarious answer in response to his team’s defeat will leave you in stitches.

On Saturday night, second ranked Georgia Bulldogs crushed South Carolina 40-13 in the two school’s traditional Southeastern Conference opener.

In the postgame press conference, a reporter asked first-year South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer about Georgia’s defensive line dominating South Carolina.

Georgia racked up three sacks and held the Gamecocks to just 82 yards rushing.

The question was mind-numbingly stupid and Beamer took the opportunity to point it out with a hilarious answer that went viral.

Beamer sarcastically commented that Georgia routinely sits near the top of the recruiting rankings every season with “100 five-star players” on their roster.

“They got like 100 five-star football players on their defense. They have a defensive lineman that weighs 340 pounds and runs better than everybody on this call. They’ve got five-star defensive backs. They’re big and physical and fast. Other than that they’re really frickin’ good,” Beamer mockingly stated.

“That’s why they have the top defense in the country. They’re hard to run the football on. There wasn’t some magical scheme they came out with tonight. They got five-star recruits everywhere and they play really physical,” Beamer concluded.

There is no coaching “scheme” that can overcome a massive talent disparity.

Sportswriters try to make football more complicated than it really is.

In reality, 99 percent of the time games are decided because one team just has vastly superior players to the other squad.

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