The NFL playoffs are underway and last week’s Wild Card round games were mostly blowouts . . . with one exception.

The only game that was somewhat close was between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys – and this game literally came down to the final play.

But this final play was a complete disaster and you will not believe what the Cowboys Head Coach said about it.

Last Sunday’s loss to the 49ers stung if you are a Cowboys fan.

After an impressive 12-5 season, the Cowboys were set to make a legitimate run in the playoffs.

But the exact opposite happened . . . the Cowboys looked weak and undisciplined. Plain and simple.

To make matters worse, in the final moments of the game, quarterback Dak Prescott held onto the ball and slid in the center of the field with just seconds left leading to the clock expiring.

In response to this blunder, Head Coach Mike McCarthy did what most head coaches would not dream off . . .

He refused to take any responsibility.

So as you can gather, McCarthy is refusing to admit that a draw play was the complete wrong call and completely threw Dak Prescott under the bus.

If you are Dak Prescott, you have to be pretty pissed off by those comments.

The idea that it was ever acceptable to run the ball in that scenario is completely insane.

The Cowboys could have had at least a few deep throws into the end zone, which would have been enough to give them a chance to win the game.

Instead, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a very familiar position . . . watching the later rounds of the playoffs from the televisions.

Moving forward, it is fair to say that there is nobody within the Dallas Cowboys organization who should feel safe.

Losing in the Wild Card round after winning 12 games in the regular season is a complete embarrassment.

If the Cowboys hope to make any sort of improvement, then they should consider starting at the top with Mike McCarthy.

Coach Mike clearly does not have what it takes to win big games anymore . . . and if he is not willing to take responsibility for losing that game, then he does not deserve to lead that team any longer.

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