In the age of the nanny NFL that is constantly fining and penalizing players for every misstep, ejections have become far more common.

And an ejection is usually something a head coach never wants to see.

But during this intense rivalry game Sunday, one ejection in particular had this head coach smiling ear-to-ear.

The Washington Redskins versus Dallas Cowboys rivalry is one of the most popular and well known rivalries in professional sports.

Both teams have combined for eight Super Bowl wins and 13 Super Bowl appearances, making them the power houses of the NFC East.

The two meetings between these teams every year rarely disappoint, and last Sunday’s matchup was no exception.

The Boys ended up winning 27-20 after getting an early 24-0 lead on Washington, and as you can imagine, tempers flared on the field.

During one play in particular, quarterback Dak Prescott rolled out with the ball and threw it before running out of bounds which was followed by an arguably late hit from Redskins linebacker Will Bradley-King.

This did not sit well with Cowboys OT La’el Collins…

As you can see, Collins defended his quarterback by throwing a few punches… even Zeke Elliot got into the scrum.

This resulted in a 15-yard penalty and Collins being ejected from the game.

But despite the ejection, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was satisfied with the reaction.

McCarthy even told reporters “LC did exactly what you’re supposed to do there.”

You love to see a head coach backing his players up in a situation like this.

These comments come just days after Coach McCarthy all-but guaranteed this victory on Dallas radio.

This of course, angered the Washington players and fanbase, but it looks like it did not matter because Dallas had their number.

The two arch rivals face off again in a couple weeks in Dallas during the primetime slot.

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