Each year, the NFL imposes new rules and points of emphasis for officials to focus on each season.

These arbitrary rules drive fans crazy.

And the NFL just suffered a major embarrassment as a result of one baffling penalty rule.

In 2021, the NFL decided to crackdown on taunting.

Officials are throwing flags and docking teams 15 yards – which other than spot-of-the-foul pass interference calls is the heaviest penalty in football – if players appear to celebrate too much after completing a great play.

It’s maddening to fans to see drives derailed because players are too outwardly happy about making a big catch, busting off a big run, forcing a turnover, or annihilating their opponent with a big hit.

Fans on social media expressed their frustration by compiling a “highlight” reel of the worst taunting calls made by the refs through the first two weeks of the season.

There is an easier way for the league to crackdown on taunting.

If players don’t want their opponents celebrating or trash talking, they can simply stop them from making big plays in the first place.

For many years, fans said the NFL stood for the “No Fun League.”

Fans enjoy watching players celebrate and channel emotion in a positive direction on the field.

No one wants to watch a bunch of lifeless automatons mechanically play the game, hand the ball to the official, and silently walk back to the huddle.

Sports are supposed to be fun and the NFL should not try and suck the life out of the games.

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