The MLB has been trying to find ways to make the game more interesting for spectators.

No doubt wrecking fans that jump on the field is definitely one way to catch the eye of viewers.

And one MLB fan learned the hard way why you never run onto the pitchers mound.

Viewership of the MLB has been falling like a rock.

As a result, the MLB is trying to find a way to make the game more enjoyable to watch.

In the minor leagues, they have embraced crazy player intros.

And some MLB teams are adding entertainment between innings like mascot races.

And we all need dinger boy in the major league soon.

But it looks like one thing the MLB is trying to do to make games more watchable is to allow fans to charge onto the field.

It seems like every week now a different fan has run free onto the field with security lagging behind.

But one fan learned that the MLB doesn’t let you play on the pitcher’s mound.

A Giants-Mets game came to a screeching halt earlier this week after a fan ran on the field.

The security crew seemed to just let him run around until he decided to throw some fake pitches on the mound.

Then he learned the hard way that only pitchers with pine tar are allowed on the mound.

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