Sometimes, all a dude wants to do is just sit back, relax, and watch a game.

But one family learned the hard way that this doesn’t always settle well with the head woman of the house.

And one mom ruined everyone’s New Year’s Eve with what she did during the Georgia-Ohio State Bowl Game.

To the disbelief of many women, men really don’t want much in life.

Give a man a beer, a couch, and a TV and he can entertain himself for days.

That’s one reason why sports go so well with men.

They don’t have to participate in the action to have some fun.

All they have to do is sit their fat butt down, crack open a cold one, and they’re enjoying the game as much as the athletes.

But oftentimes the joy that men have for sports does not align with the needs of women.

Oftentimes, all women want to do is badger them about their feelings.

And throughout the history of mankind, men have had to suffer through awful situations time and time again.

Sometimes a woman has to assert herself and get what she wants even though it pisses off everyone in the room.

And one family learned this the hard way on New Year’s Eve.

The Peach Bowl over the weekend was a game to remember.

Ohio State and Georgia were duking it out play after play.

Rarely do you get a primetime bowl game with so much action as the scoring went back and forth the whole game.

And thankfully for fans, the game literally came down to the wire.

But in a situation you couldn’t ever makeup, Ohio State had to make a field goal to win the game right during the New Year’s ball drop.

If they make the field goal, they win.

If they miss, their season is over.

As the game suspense built up with everything coming down to this one play, one mom took control of the TV remote.

And while her family and guests were trying to watch the end of the epic game, she flipped the channel to watch the ball drop.

The family and guests were going nuts, but they learned the hard way that mom always gets what she wants.

And as the mom had her fifteen seconds of enjoyment to watch the ball drop, the crowd finally got their way and the game was turned back on only to learn that it was over without even seeing the play.

What a great way to start 2023!

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