Anybody who follows the news should know that Communist China is slowly taking over the world.

This hostile regime famously uses tactics like slave labor to advance their stake in the world’s economy and many “woke” professional athletes are lining up to cash out at these slave laborers’ expense.

But not every NBA player is a brainwashed leftist. In fact, one NBA player just put every player who profits from Chinese slave labor on blast and you won’t want to miss who made the list.

Over the past several years, the NBA became nearly unwatchable due to constant player protests and walkouts over “racial justice.”

Especially in 2020, many players claimed they were unable to play due to isolated cases of supposed “racism.”

But despite their wokeness, many of these players famously have very close ties to Communist China.

The People’s Republic of China, and many of the businesses operating in China, famously use slave labor as well as carry out genocides to eliminate ethnic minorities from their nation.

This should anger the woke NBA and their social justice warrior players, but oddly enough they have not said a single word about these legitimate and well-documented injustices and crimes against humanity.

Why you may ask?

The answer is simple.


The NBA and many of the players in the NBA have lucrative financial ties with China and Chinese businesses, meaning that speaking out against China could hurt their bottom line.

But one player is not afraid to speak up, and that player is Enes Kanter Freedom of the Boston Celtics.

This Swiss-born NBA star has a history of standing up to Communist China whether it be slogan-covered shoes, tweets, or other forms of public communication condemning this hostile regime.

But his latest tweet is arguably his boldest yet.

As you can see, Kanter Freedom decided to take it upon himself to expose every NBA player who profits off of Chinese slave labor, and the names he listed are shocking to say the least.

The most notable names include Jimmy Butler, Dwayne Wade, and Klay Thompson.

Hopefully, being called out publicly like this will cause these legendary NBA players to rethink their contracts with their Chinese business partners, although that is very unlikely as long as there is money to be made.

But hats off to Kanter Freedom for standing against communist China.

If only more NBA players had the guts to stand up for real injustice like this.

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