At this point it has become obvious that the NBA is not willing to tolerate any sort of action that hurts another player’s feelings.

This has made the NBA even more painful to watch . . . as if the woke anti-American protests weren’t bad enough.

But one NBA player was just ejected for the most stupid reason you’ll ever see.

For the Detroit Pistons, this season has been a complete disaster.

As it stands, the Pistons are a long shot to make the playoffs which is especially embarrassing in the NBA since they expanded their playoff field to 10 teams from each conference.

It is practically impossible to NOT make the NBA playoffs unless you are truly awful.

And it goes without saying that bad teams make bad decisions . . . and one of these happened the other day during the Pistons/Suns game.

During this tilted matchup, Pistons rookie and #1 overall draft pick Cade Cunningham, beat Cameron Payne of the Suns to the jump and was able to make a nasty dunk on him.

As you can see, after the dunk, Cunningham pointed at his opponent as a taunt.

This was immediately called by the officiating crew.

According to the officials, the call was made “for a physical taunt for pointing at the defender.”

That is such a pathetic reason to stop the game.

Taunting calls like this have become all too common in major professional sports and they have made the game even more painful to watch.

Not only do these weak calls stop the action, but they make the game far less exciting.

But rules are rules and as a result the rookie was given the technical foul.

But since this was Cunningham’s second technical foul of the game, he was promptly ejected from the game.

That was one costly finger point for Cunningham.

The Pistons went on to get completely dominated by the red-hot Phoenix Suns by a score of 135 to 108 , bringing the Pistons to a pathetic record of 10-32.

Moving forward, the Detroit Pistons have a long way to go if they plan to revisit their former glory from decades ago.

Although Cade Cunningham is a promising young star, he does no good for the Pistons watching from the locker room.

At this point it will take a lot more than Cunningham for them to stand up to league giants like the Suns.

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