Politics is no stranger to the NBA.

But this time, the corporate-controlled media and league office is not happy.

And that’s because one NBA superstar skipped practice for this political protest.

The Brooklyn Nets are the betting favorite to win the 2021-2022 NBA title.

Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving make up the “Big 3” of future Hall-of-Famers who many believe will lead a stacked Nets roster to a title.

But now all of that is up in the air because of New York City’s tyrannical vaccine mandate.

Nets players must show proof of vaccination to enter the team practice facility and the Barclays Center for games.

Players on opposing teams are exempt.

That put the Nets in a tough spot because Irving is one of the five percent of principled NBA players who refuse to get the COVID vaccine.

That means Irving cannot play in home games or practice with the team when they are in New York.

Nets coach Steve Nash addressed the matter following Irving missing the team’s first practice in preseason.

“No further update,” Nash told reporters. “We support him. We are here for him. Things change. When there’s a resolution, we’re here for him.”

Nash tried to dance around the subject of Irving missing games.

“I’m not really worried about anything,” Nash added. “We’re just trying to work every day. We came in today and had a great practice and we’ll do the same tomorrow, and that’s kind of where I leave it.”

For years, the corporate-controlled media lauded players when they spoke up on political and social issues.

That was because politically vocal NBA players all expressed media-approved, left-wing views.

But now, Irving and a handful of other players are refusing to go along with the corporate-controlled media’s vaccine zealotry.

Irving is showing that he is willing to pay a real price – Irving will lose pay for every home game he misses – to stand up to New York City’s authoritarian vaccine mandate.

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