The NFL is trying to compel all players and coaches to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Pushback instantly sprung up.

And now one NFL coach refused the COVID vaccine. The team then made this big decision about firing him.

Minnesota Vikings offensive line coach Rick Dennison announced he refused to take the coronavirus vaccine.

As a “Tier 1” employee, the NFL mandated Dennison take the vaccine or receive an exemption.

When Dennison refused, reports surfaced that the Vikings fired Dennison.

That turned out not to be accurate as the team and Dennison eventually came to an arrangement where Dennison could skip taking the vaccine but still coach the team’s offensive line.

ProFootballTalk reported:

Vikings offensive line coach Rick Dennison is not leaving the team, contrary to a Friday report that he was out.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Vikings and Dennison have reached an agreement that allows him to remain in Minnesota.

The agreement is more like an acknowledgement that team and coach will comply with the applicable COVID protocols as determined by the NFL, whether Dennison is vaccinated or not. Those protocols likely will limit Dennison’s ability to directly interact with players, if he chooses not to get the vaccine.

Multiple high-profile players pushed back on the idea of the NFL trying to mandate the vaccine.

Arizona Cardinals All-Pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins posted on social media that he was considering retirement rather than subject himself to forced vaccination.

The NFL is among a number of entities moving towards mandating the experimental coronavirus vaccine.

Media companies like CNN, Fox News, and The Washington Post require proof of vaccination as a condition of returning to work.

Joe Biden is set to announce a vaccine mandate for federal workers.

The NFL is trying to impose mandatory vaccination, but if the pushback in the league is any indication, this will not be popular among the broader public.

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