The strangest story of the 2021 NFL season just took another twist.

No one could believe it came down to this.

And one NFL coach’s wife was forced to make this very public statement about their marriage.

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer is under fire for a video that showed a young blonde woman that is not his wife grinding on his lap while Meyer sat at the bar of the restaurant he owned in Columbus, Ohio.

Meyer did not fly back with the team to Jacksonville after last Thursday’s loss at the Cincinnati Bengals to spend time with his family in Ohio.

This viral video of the woman grinding on Meyer caused a far bigger uproar in the corporate-controlled sports media than seemed warranted and Jaguars owner Shad Khan released a statement blasting Meyer’s conduct as “inexcusable.”

And while it did not appear Khan would fire Meyer, the big question remained how Meyer’s wife would react.

Meyer’s wife Shelley broke her silence and defended her husband from the critics, saying that this was her last post on Twitter, and anyone who had not made a mistake before in their lives was welcome to criticize her husband.

“This will be my last post on Twitter. Frankly, I don’t need the hate, vitriol, slander, trash that will @ me (this has never stopped anyway,” she wrote on Twitter.

“We all make mistakes-we are all sinners. If you think you aren’t? Then cast the first stone.”

“To my wonderful followers/friends: THANK YOU. For your love, support, friendship, laughs-I will miss this the most. I love you ALL and wish God’s blessings on you. Thank you.”

The questions facing Meyer are how this will affect his family life and how will this affect his ability to maintain control over the Jaguars locker room.

Whatever trouble Meyer is in with his wife does not appear to be going public, so now everyone will wait and see if Meyer maintains the respect of the players and if they continue to play hard.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.