NFL players get cut, traded, or have teams let them enter free agency all the time.

The lack of job security in the NFL is nothing new.

But one NFL Player may lose their job for this strange reason.

Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane was asked by a team sponsored podcast if he would consider cutting a player who was not vaccinated if it meant the team could lift the league mandated coronavirus safety protocols.

“Yeah, I would,” Beane responded on the One Bills Live podcast.

Beane explained that cutting unvaccinated players would allow the Bills to run normal meetings and game preparation.

“You guys saw it in the fieldhouse, we had three and four meetings going on, and sometimes you’re talking over each other. But it was the only way to pull it off and be social distant,” Beane added. “So it would be an advantage to cut a player and fall under that umbrella.”

The Biden administration is not mandating Americans get the coronavirus vaccine, nor will it mandate vaccine passports.

But much in the same way the Left leans on corporate America and Big Tech to censor speech, Biden will outsource making the coronavirus vaccine mandatory to its woke allies in the private sector.

Many colleges across America mandated students take the vaccine or else they are barred from campus.

Pro sports no longer take a back seat to college campuses in signing onto the Left’s agenda.

The New York Yankees and Mets announced they would create segregated seating sections for vaccinated and unvaccinated fans.

The NFL now appears ready to follow suit and could even threaten players’ livelihoods if they do not take the vaccine.

And this is all being done despite the fact that science shows younger Americans who are physically active and in good health are at low risk from the coronavirus.

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