The NFL’s offseason took a strange turn.

It’s one story no one has ever seen before.

And this NFL star tried to blackmail an ESPN reporter by leaking these strip club photos.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon and ESPN NFL reporter Jamison Hensley are having a social media beef.

Hensley reported last year the Ravens linebacker turned down a long term deal with $16.5 million per season.

In 2020, Judon then had a disappointing season registering only 6.5 sacks, which could jeopardize his ability to strike it big in a similar contract this offseason.

Judon claimed on his Instagram story that Hensley was lying about Judon turning down a big money contract and insisted Hensley retract his report.

If Hensley did not take back his report, Judon threatened to leak pictures he has with Hensley at a strip club and claimed he would expose the fact that Hensley allegedly cheated on his wife.

For his part, Hensley does not appear to be backing down and responded to Judon on social media explaining that he’s always tried to be fair and give more background on his story.

Hensley is standing by his story.

Now will Judon follow through with his threat to release these strip club photos?

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