The NFL can’t disentangle itself from politics.

But this time it’s Democrats that are furious.

And this NFL star’s wife had something jaw-dropping to say about a top Joe Biden ally.

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is in the headlines for a reason other than his play for the 4-5 Lions.

This time it’s because his wife Kelly Stafford tore into Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer for putting the state back into a lockdown over the coronavirus by blasting Whitmer as a “dictator.”

“I’m over living in the dictatorship that we call Michigan,” Kelly declared on her Instagram story “I understand there’s a pandemic and I understand it’s very scary. I’m scared of it too. If you’re at risk, do not leave your house until there’s a vaccine. But shutting down all these small businesses, things that people have worked their life for, shutting them down again is not the answer. Because they will not make it.”

Kelly Stafford warned that Wihtmer’s tyrannical lockdown that closed indoor dining, casinos, in-person high school classes and sports would destroy the state of Michigan’s economy.

“So once we are able to leave our house, once this dictatorship allows us to have some freedom, there will be nothing left,” Kelly added. “I’m just over it. I see all these people and it brings me to tears.”

Millions of Americans are fed up with the lockdowns and want their lives back.

Eight months into the pandemic they feel they have information to accurately assess their own risk and decide for themselves if they want to gather in groups to engage in leisure or economic activity.

Many agree that drunk with power politicians like Gretchen Whitmer enjoy being dictators and are keeping the lockdowns going because they don’t want to give up the virtually unlimited power they seized after scaring everyone about the coronavirus.

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