The biggest controversy of the 2021 NFL season is already tearing the league apart.

It’s going to eventually affect every franchise.

And one NFL team got slapped with some bad news that team officials were dreading.

The Buffalo Bills announced a vaccine mandate for entry will go into effect on October 1.

Fans and Erie County officials are furious over the Bills imposing a medical apartheid system to segregate and discriminate against the unvaccinated.

But at least one elected official is fighting back and hitting the Bills where it hurts.

Erie County legislator Frank Todaro promised to veto any public funding for a proposed new stadium for the Bills as long as the vaccine mandate is in place.

Todaro wrote:

Today the team joins the County Executive and announces that non-vaccinated fans can no longer attend games. I don’t represent vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons, I was elected to represent people. All people. I personally am vaccinated. It was the right decision for me. It is not the right decision for everyone and I respect that. I do not like the path we are heading down as a society, and as a legislator, I cannot support it. I will not support tax dollars to build a new stadium if rules remain in place that only certain people can use it. If everyone is paying for it, everyone should be able to use it. The rule wasn’t in place on Sunday, and Highmark Stadium was packed. Obviously, people made a choice about whether or not they thought it was safe and I believe they should have that freedom. If they don’t think it is safe, they should stay home. In conclusion, if the Bills want to make these kinds of rules on their own, they can, but they should then stop asking for significant taxpayer support. I was elected to serve, not rule. That standard seems lost on County Executive Poloncarz.

Todaro – and other critics – find it outrageous that the Bills would look to collect taxpayer money for a new stadium from the unvaccinated while banning the unvaccinated from entering the premises.

The election for the Erie County legislature – which consists of 11 members – is one month after the Bill vaccine mandate goes into effect.

So this race could serve as the first test case for putting vaccine passports on the ballot.

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