The NFL is doing its part to help Joe Biden create a backdoor national vaccine mandate.

It led to unexpected results.

One NFL team imposed a vaccine mandate on fans. Now you won’t believe what happened next.

On Monday night, the New Orleans Saints hosted number one overall pick Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars for a nationally televised preseason game.

Saints-Jaguars was the first NFL game played under a vaccine passport requirement for fans.

It did not take well.

Fans could not give their tickets away as scalpers listed prices below one dollar on the secondary market.

The Saints and the Las Vegas Raiders are the first two NFL teams to announce vaccine passport systems to enter games this fall.

By doing so they created an apartheid system that discriminates against large sections of their fan base, especially minorities, as the numbers show a greater percentage of black Americans are less likely to be vaccinated.

The vaccine mandate cutting down on the number of fans eligible to purchase tickets hurt Saints’ season ticket holders.

Under normal circumstances it’s tough enough to get rid of the exhibition game tickets.
But when you keep the supply of tickets the same while cutting down on the demand, prices drop.

It’s an ironclad rule of economics.

And Saints fans learned it the hard way as fans could not give their tickets away under the new vaccine passport scheme.

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