The most important position in all of sports is quarterback.

If you don’t have a franchise quarterback your team is lost.

And now one NFL team is one the verge of making a blockbuster quarterback trade.

The Houston Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson became one of the biggest question marks surrounding the 2021 NFL season.

Watson made it clear this past offseason that he would not play ever again for the Texans after Watson felt that the team disrespected him by not taking into account his views on front office hires.

But then more than 20 women stepped forward to file lawsuits accusing Watson of sexual harassment and assault, which threw Watson’s status for the season up in the air.

Now that there are less than two weeks remaining before the season officially kicks off there appears to be movement on this story.

Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson reported that the Miami Dolphins are the frontrunners to trade for Watson.

Robinson also reported that the Texans want an unprecedented haul of draft picks in return.

It speaks to how rare franchise quarterbacks really are that the Dolphins would even consider giving up multiple first round picks for a player under the cloud of a sex scandal, which could cause league commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend Watson at any moment.

But with the New England Patriots dynasty looking finished for now, the AFC East is wide open.

And the Dolphins appear willing to gamble that Watson’s legal issues will not lead to any missed games.

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