The 2021 NFL season now faces a controversy the league hoped to avoid.

Now every team will face a massive question about attendance.

And one NFL team just banned this group of fans from attending games this season.

The New Orleans Saints are now at the forefront of the sports world playing its part to help the Democrat Party and the public health bureaucracy to impose a biomedical apartheid state on America.

On Thursday, the Saints announced fans attending games this fall would have to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72-hours to enter the stadium.

The NFL recently announced that after funneling $250 million to Black Lives Matter last year the league would take further steps to support “racial justice” by playing the black national anthem before important games and painting BLM slogans in the endzone in every stadium.

But vaccine passports are literal Jim Crow 2.0.

Just 12 percent of New Orleans’ black residents received the coronavirus vaccine.

The Saints just announced a plan to potentially ban 88 percent of the city’s black population from attending Saints games this season.

This is actual segregation in action.

However, it’s also part of corporate America and other elite institutions in America imposing a stealth vaccine mandate on the country by making it impossible to live everyday life unless you submit to getting the coronavirus vaccine.

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