The NFL is all-in on woke.

Players kneel for the anthem and the league celebrates it.

Now one NFL team’s name change is the league’s worst political protest yet.

The Washington Redskins dropped their Redskins nickname for the 2020 season in the wake of the Black Lives Matter riots.

Owners Dan Snyder was under investigation for allegations by former cheerleaders and employees of fostering a culture of sexual harassment and Snyder thought changing the name could help stave off the outrage mob.

The league eventually fined the Redskins and Snyder appeared to accept what amounted to a suspension as his wife will oversee team operations until at least the start of the 2021 season.

In the wake of the investigation, the Redskins totally pivoted toward woke politics.

The team dropped its cheerleaders for a mixed-sex dance troupe.

And the team’s search for a new nickname led executives to eliminate the fan favorite choice of “Warriors” because team President Jason Wright saw it as an easy way to virtue signal.

Wright claimed Native Americans were offended by the Redskins and did not want the team’s new nickname to have any connection to Native American culture because it was too “painful.”

“In sum, this engagement demonstrated to us a consensus that moving forward with no ties to Native American imagery is the right path. I am personally and deeply grateful for the Native American community leaders who engaged with us, sharing painful, raw and real stories that persist to this day. Their stories affirmed our decision to move in a new direction in the creation of our new name and identity, and we are proudly forging ahead in this journey with a promise to our community – a promise to continue to be inclusive in our process and collaborative with our fans,” Wright wrote.

Polls show this is a lie.

A 2016 survey found 90 percent of Native Americans were not offended by the Redskins name.

A subsequent survey asked 500 Native Americans to pick one word to describe the Redskins name and “proud” was the most common choice.

With that data in mind the only communities actually pressuring the Redskins to drop the Redskins name and ditch connections to Native American imagery were white liberals in sports media.

If the Redskins wanted to pick a new nickname to fit the current spirit of the franchise the Washington “Wokesters” or the Washington “Virtue Signalers” would probably be the two most apt.

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