The SEC has had some bone-shaking hits so far this year.

But none of those hits will come close to this de-cleater.

Hilariously, one of the best hits of the SEC so far this season was on an equipment manager and people are going nuts about it.

Let’s face it – half of the reason people watch football is for the hard hits.

Nothing gets the juices flowing like some good de-cleaters.

Man, those hits were so hard that you can practically feel the concussion yourself.

Well, this college football season might have seen one of its worst hits in its history on a manager this season.

Kentucky’s linebacker DeAndre Square was chasing a South Carolina player to the sideline when he just decided out of the blue to power stick his equipment manager.

The manager was fine and they ended up poking some fun about the incident online after social media erupted over the hit with a jersey swap.

But one thing is clear from this incident, Square has never watched a damn minute of The Waterboy or he would know what could happen when you piss off the wrong team manager.

That’s the real travesty of this whole story.

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