Deep in the rule book of the NFL are some things you never thought would be allowed in a football game.

But even the most experienced coaches and refs were dumbfounded when they saw this in real time.

And one of the rarest plays you will ever see had the crowd in shock during the Seahawks-Rams game.

Many of us have watched football for years and feel like we have a really good grasp of the rules.

But there are so many rules in the NFL that very few actually know them all by heart.

For instance, have you ever heard of the “Palpably Unfair Act” rule in the NFL?

When a team commits an egregious act to keep the other team from scoring, the refs may award the score to the deprived team through the Palpably Unfair Act rule.

Even though it has never been called in the NFL, it was used once in the NCAA during the 1954 Cotton Bowl and it’s sitting in the rule book waiting to be called.

And in another bizarre rule, did you know a team could punt the ball twice in one play?

Well, viewers of the Seahawks-Rams game found this out in real time.

During the 26-17 win by the Rams, in a game filled with some insane and weird plays, this play was by far something no one in the stadium had ever seen before.

During a routine punt, the Rams special teams broke through the line and blocked the kick.

But Seahawks punter Michael Dickson was having none of it and grew a pair on the field by picking up the ball running toward the sidelines and punting the ball a second time.

Everyone from the fans to the refs didn’t know what the hell to do over this play.

But after looking into the rule book they ruled that it was a legal punt that saved the Seahawks from losing by another touchdown.

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