Let’s face it, we all have bad days that can ruin things for us.

But this MLB star had some of the worst luck you will ever see.

One of the top infielders in the MLB might have just screwed himself out of $70,000,000 after this injury on opening day.

We all know that life just sucks sometimes.

Bad things just happen whether it’s during everyday activities or in sports.

In sports, who can forget the bad breaks like “the catch” that never happened and screwed Dallas out of a playoff win.

Or that time back in Super Bowl XIII when Jackie Smith dropped a pass that would have easily given the Cowboys a Super Bowl win.

But of all the bad luck in sports, we might have just seen the worst and most costly mistake in sports history.

Ke’Bryan Hayes has been a rising star since making his MLB debut in 2020.

It is without a doubt that Hayes has made the Pittsburgh Pirates a better team.

And the Pirates knew it and granted Hayes a $70,000,000 contract extension right before the opening day game.

But to solidify his millions, all Hayes had to do was pass a physical after the game.

As it turns out, the guy had some of the worst luck you will ever see that gave him the scare of his life.

While trying to make a routine fly ball catch, Hayes ended up hurting his wrist.

Can you imagine the feelings he was going through after having to leave the game?

$70,000,000 flashing before his eyes.

But now there seems to be hope that Ke’Bryan Hayes will actually still get the contract extension even with the injury.

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