The year 2020 did not end without drama for college football.

Unfortunately, it was for ugly reasons.

And one player was caught on video in a wild on-field brawl in this career ending act.

Mississippi State defeated 22nd ranked Tulsa 28 to 26 in the 2020 Armed Services Bowl.

But that was in no way the biggest story from this game.

The two teams erupted in a wild on field brawl following Mississippi State committing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Tulsa’s last gasp onside kick at the end of the game.

The ugliest incident from the melee came when video captured Mississippi State receiver Malik Heath kicking a Tulsa player in the face while he was down and then running away.

Heath posted an Instagram video of himself watching the video of him bragging about kicking a man while he was down while laughing and joking with his teammates.

“MVP, MVP,” Heath chanted. “Yo, come here (expletive). Get your little (expletive) down. Go back. Watch how I slam him there. Watch how I slam him there, come here. Go back. Watch how I slam him.”

“Y’all, I go hard. Watch this. Watch this. Watch this, Malik. Boom. Get your (expletive expletive) down. (Expletive). Weak (expletive). Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

First year head coach Mike Leach faces a major decision about Heath’s future.

Last August, Heath was arrested on charges of drunk driving and how his cowardly act in this bowl game will force Leach to make a decision on if Heath’s talent – Heath caught 34 passes for three touchdowns in 2020 – is worth the continued headaches from on and off the field discipline issues.

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