The 2020 sports calendar has been thrown into total disarray.

Multiple major sporting events have already been canceled for the first time in decades.

Now one sports league just gave its fans some devastating news.

The Ivy League just announced that all eight of its members will be canceling winter sports and delaying the start of spring sports due to the coronavirus hysteria.

The Ivy League presidents said in a joint statement, “Regrettably, the current trends regarding transmission of the COVID-19 virus and subsequent protocols that must be put in place are impeding our strong desire to return to intercollegiate athletics competition in a safe manner . . . Student-athletes, their families and coaches are again being asked to make enormous sacrifices for the good of public health – and we do not make this decision lightly.”

The Ivy League schools were also the first to back out of playing sports in the fall.

The Big Ten and PAC-12 quickly followed suit, but the SEC and ACC made the decision to play.

The Big XII joined in, and the Big Ten and PAC-12 eventually reversed course.

The Ivy League joint statement concluded, “While these decisions come with great disappointment and frustration, our commitment to the safety and lasting health of our student-athletes and wider communities must remain our highest priority.”

The cancellation of winter sports comes at a time when COVID hysteria is ramping up around the world.

Despite many infectious diseases experts and officials at the World Health Organization imploring against lockdowns, politicians are ignoring “the science” and moving ahead anyway.

The reality is that the survival rate for COVID is roughly 99.8% and rising due to therapeutics.

Multiple companies have also announced the development of vaccines that are purportedly over 90% effective.

Nevertheless, the pro-lockdown contingent is getting its way.

Economies are being destroyed and people’s quality of life is plummeting.

Politicians are now calling for Thanksgiving and Christmas to be “canceled” due to the virus.

COVID madness has spiraled completely out of control.

Lockdowns have shown not to work and they exacerbate other significant health issues; doctors have warned about patients forgoing cancer screenings and declines mental wellness.

Canceling college athletics is over-the-top considering young athletes are the least at-risk from COVID next to children.

The case fatality rate for young adults and children is negligible; that demographic is more at risk from the seasonal flu.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the lockdowns are a bad idea, more lockdowns are exactly what the American people are getting.

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