The NFL snuffed out anti-American national anthem protesters because it saw patriotic fans leaving in droves.

But in the wake of Black Lives Matter riots, many speculate there will be massive anti-national anthem protests when sports return.

And one league just crossed the line with its latest move about the national anthem.

When Sports With Balls was launched, we decided it would be a soccer-free zone.

Especially when it comes to women’s soccer.  It’s the slowest game on earth.

But this week the U.S. Soccer Federation issued a decision we couldn’t ignore.

Soccer is overturning their three-year ban on kneeling during the national anthem.

Not only that, but Major League Soccer won’t even bother to play the national anthem prior to its upcoming matches in Orlando at the end of June.

MLS released a statement of support for the anti-American protesters, saying:

“If players or staff decide to stand, kneel or otherwise exercise their right to peaceful protest during the playing of the National Anthems before league games, we support them.”

This just confirms what most Americans already knew about soccer – that it’s the most un-American sport there is.

But these anti-American national anthem policies could be a precursor to later this summer and fall when real sports return.

Some are already predicting massive demonstrations among NFL players.

Sporting News is pushing Commissioner Roger Goodell to kneel with players during the national anthem.

While that may seem far-fetched, Goodell recently claimed “we were wrong” when it came to quashing national anthem protesters.

Sadly, something that was taken for granted not too long ago – showing respect for the flag and all it represents – will continue to be a contentious issue in sports’ comeback.

Do you think Roger Goodell should kneel with NFL players during the national anthem?

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