An ugly sex scandal has been one of the dominant themes of the 2021 offseason.

But it’s even worse than anyone thinks.

And one star NFL quarterback just found out he is in big trouble with the FBI.

Attorney Tony Buzbee – who is representing the 22 women who filed sexual harassment and sexual assault lawsuits against Houston Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson – confirmed that he spoke to the FBI about the allegations against Watson as part of an investigation.

Previously, Watson’s legal exposure appeared to be just civil in nature as the women filed lawsuits.

But the FBI speaking with Buzbee means this is serious business.

Watson started 2021 demanding a trade and refusing to report to the Texans.

As the number of women accusing Watson of sexual misconduct kept rising, that holdout became untenable.

Watson eventually reported to the Texans and there were rumors that the team was close to trading him to the Philadelphia Eagles.

That’s on the backburner because no team is going to give up the multiple first round picks the Texans demanded in return for Watson with a criminal investigation and the threat of federal prison time hanging over his head.

The best case scenario for Watson now is playing one more season for the Texans in what will surely be a poisonous locker room as everyone of his teammates knows he wants out.

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