The NFL preseason kicked off and the real games are just weeks away.

Fans are looking forward to a regular season with full stadiums and a return to normal.

But now one star NFL quarterback revealed he won’t do this one thing in the 2021 season.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins enraged the corporate sports media by stating he would be willing to follow any COVID safety protocol under the sun except take the coronavirus vaccine.

Cousins went so far as to say he would surround himself with plexiglass in meetings rather than get vaccinated.

“I’ve even thought about, ‘Should I just set up literally plexiglass around where I sit, so this could never happen again?’ I’ve thought about it, because I’m going to do whatever it takes. We’re going to avoid this close-contact thing, and I look forward to making sure I’m playing for every game this year,” Cousins stated.

Cousins’ vaccination status became an issue after a Vikings backup quarterback tested positive for coronavirus and Cousins – as well as the other quarterbacks on the roster – were considered close contacts because they were in a meeting room with him and had to go into the COVID-19 protocols.

“As I said to [Vikings head] coach [Mike] Zimmer last night, I said, ‘We can meet in the indoor [practice facility], we can meet outside.’ And I said, ‘If it means meeting outside under a goal post in January, if that’s what it takes to get to the playoffs and be in playoff games and win playoff games, then that’s where we’re going to meet,’” Cousins added.

But Cousins is not vaccinated and would only say that taking the vaccine is “a very private health matter for me.”

Cousins is treating the vaccine like Americans did every medical decision they ever made prior to the Left’s attempt to use COVID to turn the country into a biomedical security state.

And that infuriates the sports media that’s totally on board with forcing all Americans to take the vaccine.

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