Thanks to Colin Kaepernick, playing the national anthem before sporting events is now a controversial event.

State legislatures are starting to take the matter into their own hands.

And one state just made a jaw-dropping proposal about the national anthem.

Wisconsin State Representative Tony Kurt recently proposed legislation requiring the national anthem to be played before any sporting event played in Wisconsin.

Representative Kurtz explained that the legislation was necessary because of the circumstances in America where patriotism was now under attack.

“I strongly believe we need to play it, particularly where we’re at now in our country,” Kurtz told WISN12.

Kurtz explained that the bill would apply to any sporting event played in state in a facility built with taxpayer dollars.

“I didn’t want to narrow it down. The community can determine,” Kurtz added.

But Kurtz told WISN that he did not add in any penalties for not playing the national anthem because he wanted playing the anthem to be something done out of respect and love of country as opposed to under threat of fines or criminal penalties.

“I don’t want to make it enforceable,” Kurtz added. “I want people to voluntarily do that.”

Kurtz said he was inspired to propose this legislation after the recent controversy where the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks refused to play the national anthem before home games.

“We just don’t want what happened with the Dallas Mavericks,” Kurtz declared.

Kurtz said he did not understand why honoring America and the veterans who fought and died trying to protect it was so controversial.

“Play the national anthem. You know, everyone is making this such a hard thing to do. No, it’s not,” Kurtz concluded.

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