College football is slowly winding down to an end.

But thankfully for viewers, the play on the field is just as good as it has ever been and especially with this insane touchdown.

And one unknown quarterback just became a household name with the craziest touchdown pass of the year.

One of the best times of the year is when football gets started again.

Fans have to wait through a grueling spring and summer without any football.

But once September gets here, fans’ faces light up with excitement as the best time of year is here.

And fans have been blessed this year with some great college football.

Traditional powerhouse teams haven’t been doing as hot as many would have expected.

And the underdogs have emerged out of nowhere to shock the nation.

Just look at TCU’s rise to dominance as they started the season outside of the top-25.

But of all the great plays this year in college football, the greatest play so far has come out of the FCS.

Incarnate Word was playing Furman this past weekend in the FCS playoffs.

During the first quarter, quarterback Lindsey Scott Jr. threw one hell of a touchdown pass that would make NFL players like Patrick Mahomes jealous.

It’s one thing to have a pass like that completed.

It’s another thing to have a pass like that completed for a touchdown.

Incarnate Word ended up winning the game in a 41-38 victory over Furman.

Plays like this are exactly why so many people like college football.

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