The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are set to begin on July 23.

But the opening was almost destroyed because of a criminal act.

And one woman just got arrested for this insane Olympic stunt.

One of the highlights of the games is the Olympic torch relay where local citizens, celebrities, and national sports icons carry the torch in a relay race to the opening ceremony, where the nation’s most celebrated sports hero uses the torch to light the Olympic flame that burns for the duration of the games.

Someone tried to ruin that in Tokyo.

Police arrested 53-year-old Kayoko Takahashi after she tried to extinguish the Olympic torch with a water gun.

These games are notable for another reason.

Last year, the corporate-controlled media claimed Japan conquered COVID with universal mask wearing.

Fast forward one year and Japan declared a national state of emergency due to coronavirus and the games will be played in front of no spectators.

The media latched on to Japan’s mask wearing a COVID “success” story to hurt Donald Trump’s re-election because Trump questioned the effectiveness of masks.

Japan’s continuing catastrophe and renewed state of emergency showed that masks were not the be-all, end-all the media made them out to be.

And now when the Olympic flame is lit in Tokyo no one will be in the building to see it.

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