Somehow professional athletes manage to get in a bind after retiring from sports even with all that money they raked in.

But thankfully, for the hot ones, they have OnlyFans to continue to make millions.

And OnlyFans model and UFC star Paige VanZant blessed her followers with her latest photoshoot.

Being a professional athlete is a lifestyle many people dream of.

You literally make millions of dollars to play a kid’s sport and work out.

But somehow, countless athletes find themselves in dire financial situations once they retire.

Just think of all the athletes who were beasts on the field but ended up broke during retirement.

O.J. Simpson is currently trying to survive life with a bank account that most likely reflects the average working man’s account.

And who can forget when NFL legend Warren Sapp filed for bankruptcy with nothing more than $800 in his bank account.

But thankfully for hot women athletes who retire or want a career change, they always can become a content creator on OnlyFans to make millions of dollars.

And that’s exactly what Paige VanZant did.

Paige was a decent fighter in the UFC but left the fighting league after just a handful of years.

And she left because she found out she could make a hell of a lot more being a social media and OnlyFans model.

And you can see why Paige is able to make so much from OnlyFans.

She is very talented in her new profession.

But of all of her past content on social media, this one has to be the best yet.

Fans were delighted to see Paige’s latest social media post and you can see why.

Paige does have a bare-knuckle fight coming up, but let’s all pray that it doesn’t harm her face.

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