The San Diego Padres faced the Minnesota Twins recently.

The game wasn’t close and as the home team routed 10-1 there wasn’t much suspense as to how things would eventually turn out.

Nonetheless, Padres fans got more than they bargained for at the game.

One clearly bored fan took it upon himself to liven things up at Petco Park by leading security on a wild chase.

The shirtless fan wore nothing but stars-and-stripes underwear, white sneakers, and complete shamelessness as he invaded the open field.

One Twitter user wrote, “Petco park streaker. Needs to work on his jukes. Loses points for not being nude. 5/10.”

The entire episode lasted about 20 seconds as the man ran circles around the guards and even managed to put a guard onto the ground while dodging an outstretched arm.

While using evasive maneuvers to dodge the security personnel, the man slipped several times.

Eventually, four of the guards managed to tackle him to the ground.

It is unlikely the fan and publicity hound will be making a return trip to Petco Park anytime soon.

Bob Melvin is the Padres’ manager and he was hoping his team’s power surge was there to stay after San Diego followed two losses in a three-game series in Detroit with their most impressive slugging game of the season.

After five different Padres hit home runs on Friday, Melvin said, “We needed it, and it proved we could do it. You hope it carries over. We got two runs in the first on that towering home run (46-degree launch angle) by Luke Voit, which was big. And we kept slugging. Hopefully, this carries on for a while.”

But it wasn’t to be as the Padres stumbled in the games that followed, losing 7-4 before bouncing back with a 3-2 win the night after.

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