It’s no lie that model Paige Spiranac has used her God-given assets to make a name for herself.

But some people on social media just can’t stand how popular the prettiest female athlete alive has become.

And Paige Spiranac clapped back at her critics of using her looks to gain fame with this post.

We all got to make money in some way.

Some of us do it the hard way and actually make a living as wage-earners to feed ourselves and our families.

And a growing number of our society are taking the easy way and living off the government check or their parents.

But some people use their looks to bring home the bacon.

And no one does that better than Paige Spiranac.

Paige has become a well-known model whose hot sports takes have taken social media by storm.

As a former professional golf player she has a unique insight at sports that many bimbos could never understand.

And because of her looks and her knowledge Paige has become a juggernaut on social media.

But some folks can’t stand how Paige uses what her mama gave her to make some money.

Well, Paige had a thing or two to say about all the haters.

Paige went right at her haters who claim that she is over-sexualizing her platform for some money by pointing out how the top paid women athletes in the world posed in sexualized magazines.

But then she took it a step further by going right at male athletes like Tom Brady for trying to model and pimp himself out for monetary gain.

She wasn’t holding anything back.

But no matter what the haters say, Paige will still be rocking social media with nearly every tweet and picture she puts up.

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