Deion Sanders caught the sports world by storm when he was announced as the new head coach for Colorado.

But with all the commentary on his new job role, you have to listen to Paige Spiranac’s view on this massive story.

Paige Spiranac had fans shocked when she revealed her thoughts on Deion Sanders.

The college football season isn’t even over but the biggest off-season story is upon us.

One of the most sought after football coaches in recent memory was just hired by the University of Colorado to bring their program back from the ashes.

Deion Sanders has done wonders at Jackson State and knows how to play the modern game of recruiting players and keeping recruits in a program.

So when Colorado got the chance to hire Deion Sanders they made sure that they didn’t miss the opportunity.

And last week it was announced that Deion Sanders would be taking the Pac-12 program under his wing to make it one of the best in the nation.

And since that announcement, sports pundits on nearly every network and every website have given their opinion on the Deion Sanders hire.

Many are in support of the move to hire Deion Sanders while others hate the idea of him coaching a power five program early in his career.

But there’s one sports pundit that you have to hear their take and that’s Paige Spiranac.

If you don’t know Paige, let us introduce you to one of the hottest sports commentators in the world.

She uses all of her assets to make a lasting impression with her insight and analysis.

And recently on Twitter she gave her two cents that had fans mesmerized with every word she said.

She said how she liked Prime Time going in there to set the record straight and letting players know to hit the transfer portal if they didn’t like how things were going to go when he became head coach.

And she is right.

Prime Time was hired because of his personality that he brings to the program and if players aren’t ready for the limelight then now is the time to leave before things get rolling.

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