Many of us can remember falling in love with baseball through our Little Leagues.

But now it’s clear that the Left has set its sight on infiltrating Little League Baseball to promote its agenda.

And parents are up in arms as Little League Baseball openly embraced this anti-white training.

There aren’t many more memorable days for kids and their parents than opening day of Little League Baseball.

Baseball has been a staple of American culture for generations.

And for many, Little League is the first taste of the game they will ever get.

But like with so many other things in our society today, the Left just can’t leave innocent groups like little leagues alone to enjoy game.

And when parents found out what was going on in their local league they were furious.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the little league in Alexandria, Virginia is forcing their coaches to endure critical race theory training.

The training is called “Sports Can Battle Racism.”

The training claims to show coaches and volunteers how to be “anti-racist,” but everything boils down to white people are “oppressors,” so they’re openly anti-white.

And many parents are having none of it.

One concerned parent claimed:

“We want kids to have a positive youth character-building experience and resources and training that empower youth coaches and parents. How we define culture is based on how we dive into the ‘we’ piece about that statement. What does it mean to be a part of the we? Each person, no matter what background or what they look like, should feel a part of the we.”

Another parent stated, “[t]his is Little League, everyone plays in every game. This is a bunch of busybodies virtue signaling. Leave ten-year-olds alone.”

But this isn’t the only thing involved with children that the Left’s radical Critical Race Theory has infiltrated.

As more parents dig into their kids’ school assignments they are discovering that the Critical Race Theory agenda is being spewed to their own children.

Only time will tell when this madness ends.

What do you think?

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