Despite his youth, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes solidified his place as a top tier quarterback after leading his team to victory in Super Bowl LIV.

But as the son of longtime MLB pitcher Patrick Mahomes Sr., professional sports and the accompanying fame aren’t something new to adjust to.

And in an explosive new interview, Mahomes blasted playing for teams in cities like New York for this key reason.

The entire direction of Mahomes career was likely influenced by something he saw firsthand as a young child.

He watched as fanbases in cities like New York could turn on their star athletes during a cold streak when his dad pitched for the New York Mets in 2000.

“He started pitching badly, and right away when he got in the game, he started getting booed,” the Super Bowl champ told ESPN in a recent interview. “I got to see that firsthand as a young kid.”

Even though Mahomes Sr. helped lead the Mets to the playoffs in 2000, he was left off the roster during the 2000 World Series.

During the offseason he became a free agent before being signed by the Texas Rangers.

Mahomes knew that wasn’t the type of team and fanbase he wanted to play for, and he believes he found the right fit in Kansas City.

“People have been generous here,” Mahomes told ESPN ahead of the Chiefs’ training camp. “They’ve been nice to me and my family, and so I’m excited to have my future here.”

“You go to some sports cities and if you’re playing badly on Sundays, it’s like they hate you and your family. Then you come to Kansas City and it doesn’t even matter. They care about the person you are and how you treat other people. It’s cool to be in a city like this,” he continued.

A committed fanbase can lead to committed star athletes.

And Mahomes showed his commitment to the city and team when he signed a historic 10-year $503 million contract during the offseason and became part-owner of the Kansas City Royals that same month.

“I’m going to be here a long time,” he said. “I want to keep doing what I can to put roots down and trying to make the franchises, the Chiefs and the Royals, the best they can be. I wanted to be a part of the Royals baseball team. Being at the games, knowing the atmosphere in Kansas City, how much everybody loves the Royals and the Chiefs. I thought it was a good fit.”

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