The New England Patriots are just awful this year.

Much of their lack of production on the field is thanks to the lackluster performance by quarterback Mac Jones.

And Jones just had his job security put in doubt by the worst person possible.

The Patriots used to be the last team any team in the NFL wanted to face.

When you saw the New England Patriots on your schedule you knew your team was going to have a rough night.

Of course, that was all back when the GOAT Tom Brady was slinging touchdowns for the franchise.

Ever since Tom Brady left the Patriots they have sucked butt.

And there was much hope for Tom Brady’s replacement in Mac Jones.

But over the past couple of years it’s clear that even the mastermind coach Bill Belichick can’t make Mac Jones a good player.

And this year, the Patriots are awful.

They just lost to the Las Vegas Raiders in the worst way possible.

Much of their horrible play on the field is the result of Mac Jones ruining their chances to win.

But right when you thought it couldn’t get much worse for the Patriots, Jones just got dissed by the last person he ever wanted.

Starting offensive tackle Trent Brown liked a social media post calling for the Patriots to get rid of Mac Jones and bring back either Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo.

The last person you want to piss off as a quarterback is your offensive tackle.

If the offensive tackle doesn’t like you, he has the means to replace you with a horrible block on a pissed off defensive end.

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