With the first week of the NFL upon us, many are anxious to see how this year’s slate of rookie quarterbacks perform under pressure.

After beating out Cam Newton for the starting job in New England, Mac Jones is one of the most hyped rookies coming into this season.

But he has a wild way to get ready for the games ahead and it has to do with his girlfriend.

The 2021 NFL Draft was stacked with stud quarterbacks.

You got gunslinger Zach Wilson from BYU with the laughable Jets.

You have record setting Trey Lance out of North Dakota State getting his NFL debut with the 49ers.

And, of course, all the hype is around the number one pick of the Draft Trevor Lawrence from Clemson who is looking to turn around the Jaguars chances.

But one top quarterback drafted that is going under the radar is Mac Jones from Alabama.

Jones led Alabama to more championships than most teams have over their programs history.

And when Jones went to the Patriots many could see the dream combination of Jones and Bill Belichick being together.

But fans were still in shock when Jones took NFL veteran Cam Newton’s starting role as QB.

So there is a lot of pressure on Mac Jones to perform in his season opener this Sunday versus the Dolphins.

But he is prepping for the game in one odd way.

He went on the WEEI’s Merloni and Fauria radio show and claimed that he does walkthroughs with his girlfriend in his front yard.

When asked if his girlfriend is helping him prep for his upcoming games, Jones stated, “She does a good job. Most of the time we just walk through in the yard. She’s actually helps me a lot.”

The future looks bright for the Patriots.

Wonder who will be a better receiver for Mac Jones this year, his girlfriend or Patriots Nelson Agholor?

What do you think?